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My first experience with Nano, this is the future

Small story of my first Nano experience: I transacted my first Nano today, and sent it to the Trust Wallet app. The Nano did not show up on the Wallet even after being confirmed by Nano explorer, which was saying something like "This account hasn't been opened yet". This seemed to be a bug in Trust wallet, so after a bit of digging in r/nanocurrency most people seemed to be recommending Natrium. However, Natrium would not accept the 12-word mnemonic from Trust wallet, which was rather annoying. Did a bit more digging and found an online converter in a post here, which worked (I would love if Natrium had this built-in!). I'm not so sure how secure the online method is, so I made a new account anyway. I then sent it to my friend who was sitting across me, I clicked send and by the time I looked up, my friend had already received the transaction. I am more used to ETH/BTC transactions taking minutes. I was blown away.. I am amazed by Nano, and I really want to thank the devs who made this possible. There is no doubt in my mind that Nano should be within the Top 10, maybe even higher...
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