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My contribution to the community: a new version of the NANO stadium banner.

Hello everyone, I've been a supporter of NANO since RaiBlocks. This is one of my favorite projects and also one of my favorite cryptocurrency communities. After seeing the [thread]( showcasing the new NANO stadium banner, I read some [comments]( suggesting that future NANO advertisements provide a concise explanation of NANO. One of the highlights of NANO is that the members of the community are capable of contributing to, and influencing the project in a positive way, so I figured I'd contribute in the only way that I am currently able: I designed a new banner. You can see my design [here]( Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks everyone! PS \- I don't currently have Adobe Illustrator installed, so this version isn't "pixel perfect". At the very least, this design can serve as a template that can be used by the graphic designers whom the developers hired. Edit: ~~Free~~ Feeless \(thanks [atomjnr](\) Edit 2: Spent like 2 hours trying to find the name for the official font. Probably should have asked on this subreddit first, since [Ruvero]( hooked me up with the name of the official font \(*Nunito*\) right after I made this post. Added the official font, but it looks slightly different from the one on []( Either way, the closer the better. Edit 3: Changed the slogan by popular demand. Signing off now, will update in the morning :\) Edit 4: Thanks for the feedback everyone! My 7\-day Photoshop trial has ended, so I can't make anymore changes. As stated above, hopefully this can serve as a template for future designs. Thanks again!
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