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May I Ask: Few years down the road … Adoption Hits Big … Why would I use Nano?

This might sound counter intuitive at first. But let’s take a walk. I am a big fan of Nano and once in a while i ponder on reasons why it won’t be used, just to find an antithesis. So let’s assume adoption hits big and tech like eBay and Amazon start accepting crypto. I think it is reasonable to say that DeFi grows even more with Liquidity pools, yield farming and all that fancy stuff i don’t even know of yet. Let’s further assume those big tech start doing DeFi as well and using the crypto they accumulate trough sales. A nice little extra income. Sure why not they say. So at this point they are themselves heavily invested into DeFi ecosystem. Let’s say (almost) very fast and feeless currencies like IOTA (if it works out in the end after all without coordinator) gain traction with DeFi. (Side Note: I am aware that this is not the initial use case iota was envisioned for) People are animals of habit and comfort. Why should big tech or I myself use Nano if all my crypto is already doing stuff in DeFi. Why should I use another currency. Wouldn’t it be way more comfortable to use the DeFi currency for p2p as well when it’s (almost) very fast and feeless. I think ecosystems tend to make people habitual and tend to lure them in as long as it’s comfortable and easy to use. Why should they learn something new when the old method is working just fine. (I am aware that the intuitiveness of Nano could help there. There is not much to learn with Nano) Why should these companies accept Nano if for the sake of argument they are comfortably using a fast and feeless DeFi Coin already that is good enough for p2p as well?
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