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Let's have a serious cool-headed discussion about some things that may concern us.

Hi, I just wanted to start a discussion about two things in particular. I'm not a Nano expert or smug know it all, I just want to see what people think and have to share in this community. :) Let me shamelessly get the boring topic out of the way first.. what do you guys think about how the eventual bear market could affect NANO as an asset? Some say NANO will resist bearish trends very well, as assets like ADA tends to, mostly because relatively speaking, a lot of holders of NANO are in it to HODL rather than liquidate short term profits. I personally invested into NANO when it was at $5. If an intensely bearish crash were to occur, do you guys think it could fall below $5? I am curious as to what the more experienced members of the community think about this so I can better inform my decision on whether to sell my 1000 NANO should it reach prices upto $20, or HODL even if it were to drop below $5 and accumulate more NANO. And to the more important fundamental matters.. recently somebody made a point about how NANO's value was bolstered by the recent BTC crash caused by the Chinese power outage (if it isn't false rumors, that is.) since NANO does not suffer from the issues associated with hashrate fluctuation as a feeless, non-mining operation. However people in that post also pointed out that should power outages occur it would also affect NANO, just nowhere near the extent to which BTC is affected due to how centralized its mining operation has become. Others also pointed out that a big issue in NANO preventing its organic decentralization is the fact that exchanges and other big players can simply hoard voting weight over time and exert too much singular control over the ecosystem. What do you guys think could potentially be solutions for these issues? Could we maintain a decentralized network of nodes that won't be affected by local instances of power outages, and also integrate a sophisticated system which prevents a single party gaining too much vot...
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