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KeyTools : incredible set of tools but sadly, "index.html" not working when launched offline, from local files,for any browser => redeemed useless for me on live Linux distro :-(

I know there is a workaround, as described on the Home page of KeyTools, but I'm not a techie and I can't use it here and there, especially on a Linux live distro that is write protected without Chrome. Same for my old phone permanently disconnected. Please, if just the "offline sign-block" was available straight offline from local files, it would have been way better. I'm used to all these offline paper wallet generators for so many cryptos. All of them working offline straight, without issue. Even Icebox for Ethereum doing same job as KeyTools (Nano) worked perfectly on any browser. I maintain you did an incredible job and I even donated to your project, but for me, it's ruined just because of this offline mode not working straight for signing blocks. Thanks for considering
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