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Kai OS and Nano

For those who never heard about Kai OS, it's a fork from the discountinued Firefox OS aimed to bring some basic apps to cell phones that can't or won't run Android. This guy says it better: A while ago u/aspic had a nice project called LANO: a light wallet that could run on Kai OS. Do you have any news on this? I thought it was very exciting. Not only Nano could have the first mover advantage on this platform (I don't see any other crypto app on ) it could also be a very efficient payment method thanks to its light design. Kai OS is aiming to be an alternative in emerging countries and that's one of the best markets for Nano too. Even in the Western world "dumb phones" are getting more and more popular (less distractive)... I think it would be really cool to pay/tip a friend with an old school candy bar phone. What do you think guys?
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