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Is there a Nano reward survey/ ad viewing site or NANO reward mobile game?

Seems to me with the whole feeless Nano system that it's best use case would be for paying someone to do online surveys or even just watch ads. Or for small rewards in mobile games (which also have ads). If this exists let me know, but it seems like if you could do small tasks on your phone to earn Nano, then why not, even if it was a small amount. I did a very minimal amount of research last night, and trust me, I'm not an app developer or know a whole lot about all this stuff but from a few articles I read, app developers basically get paid between $5-$8 for every thousand people that watch a 15-30 second ad video in the app. Now lets assume Nano is $2, which is sad that I hope for that. The low amount on the estimate is $5 per thousand people. Every thousand 15-30 second views can afford essentially 2.5 Nano. Which means every person who watches a 15-30 second ad could get 0.0025 Nano. Now lets assume they are watching 30 second ads which should pay on the high end, that's 0.3 Nano per hour watching 120 videos. A little over 3 hours of ad clicking can get someone 1 Nano. That may not seem like a lot to some people, I mean it averages to like 75 cents an hour, but if it were surveys, it would probably pay more, and if you just felt like it, why not. Basically what I love most about Nano is that if I had 1 Nano, I could send a small amount to a hundred people, or a thousand people, or a million people. And they would all get a small amount. Before I knew much about Crypto, that's how I assumed it worked. When I started buying BTC on Coinbase, then moving to Binance, then trading for other coins, then moving to cold storage, I started realizing how much was lost with each thing I did. Getting .0001 Nano for doing something in a mobile game or online, seems cool, regardless how much its "worth". Anyways, just my thoughts, I'm sure someone is in the process of doing something like this.
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