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Innovative solution to solve extreme deflation

I have been thinking and visualizing something like this. Everybody dies. We have limited number of Nano. (I am fully aware that 1 Nano can be divided to significant number). Today if I have 100 million Nano (I represents many people of current generation who are holding Nano in their wallet), and I (and many others) die after 100 years from now, we will have only 33 million Nano in circulation. Another 100 years and that number will be only 5 million. This sort of extreme deflation is just not sustainable. We (at least I) want 133 million Nano in the circulation even after 1000 years. Solution: After 100 (or 150) years of total wallet inactivity, funds from that wallet will be automatically transferred to the dedicated wallet (assuming that owner is dead and he/she didn't carry forward any fund to anyone in his family). ​ That dedicated wallet to be named "Interest paying wallet" ​ Now, funds from that wallet to be airdropped everyday to Nano holders (future generation) at the rate of 0.1% (or whatever is the best) of total amount of Nano on that day in the wallet. Depending upon how many Nano future generation is holding. (Will act somewhat like receiving interest on the Nano balance). Just to keep all Nano in the circulation. ​ This will have stability in the currency is the future. Example. If 1 Nano can buy you a car today then 1 Nano will buy somebody the same kind of car 2000 years later. More, You may not be thinking this; but this will also act as an incentive to run more nodes in the future. ​ Excuse me for my English.
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