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Ideas for marketing - target groups

Now, let's get marketing started. the devs can't do it alone effectively (not saying anyone is doing a bad job (u are awesome), it's just a big task. Here a small thread to identify definite use cases and the target groups that we want to reach so they'll consider using Nano. I'll start with a small story: 3 years ago my wallet was stolen, while I was working abroad. There were some issues attached to that, I didn't have cash, couldn't open a bank account and had 8 hours time difference to my home country. I asked my family to send me some of my money, what they did. It took roughly one week via a bank. Out of 500€ transferred 475€ arrived after fees paid to two different banks (in the sending and receiving countries). One use case is express money delivery, especially for travels. This story shall just visualize when it might be important to have immediate transfers with low fees because most people don't really have an issue with waiting a day or two. Another use case is people working abroad, sending money to their family, or students receiving money from their families. this is quite common here (in Asia). Many people go to work in Singapore, Japan, Europe and send money back home. with fees. The target groups from my examples are travelers who want some extra security that is not easy to steal since it is stored online, not in physical form with the traveler. Also it is worldwide usable, immediately transferable, so a big plus for trips. Second one is expats, migrants with strings from home attached. I hope there are people out there who can add some ideas to this list. Together we can create a plan on how to go about marketing. Maybe the dev-team can jump in to share ideas/plans they have and plans and together we will become creative. Sorry for spelling mistakes.
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