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How to buy NANO in the UK - turns out it's easy with the right tools!

Yesterday I was looking for an easy way to buy NANO with GBP and couldn't find any good guides. When I worked it out, turns out it is pretty easy with the right tools but you will have to convert to EUR first. In the end, this was probably the easiest and fastest purchase of crypto I've ever done. You will need: - Revolut account - Bitvavo account Steps: 1. Load the GBP you want to spend into your Revolut account 2. Exchange the GBP for EUR in Revolut 3. Do a SEPA transfer from your revolut account to your Bitvavo account (when setting up the account to transfer to in Revolut, set payee to a business then set the country to Netherlands). Actually couldn't believe how quickly this transaction went through! 4. Purchase the NANO with EUR on Bitvavo 5. Transfer the NANO to your wallet (never store your coins on an exchange! I can give more detail if needed, but this was so easy I was surprised. edit: As I hoped, some people chimed in with other ways to do this: - Deposit GBP into Kraken, buy NANO (some banks block Kraken including Revolut) - Use
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