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How the current market sentiment should be used to your advantage.

Hello all, As a whole, the market is in the midst of a full reversal of an unbelievable bull market we witnessed in 2017. Nano specifically has been pounded into the ground relentlessly. The popularity of crypto has fizzled out slowly with market predictions consistently wrong, bottoms consistently incorrectly chosen, bull markets prematurely labeled. Why is everyone wrong? because human beings (especially in new markets) are wildly irrational and overly emotional -- we think that we can will a market in a general direction. All we do know is there are three market movements: trends, consolidation, and reversals. We don't know for sure when or how each will happen but we DO know these are cycles that will almost always occur. So what CAN you do? Look around you and listen. Be real with yourself -- what's the sentiment? If optimism levels could be measured on a chart, where would they be? Buying low on optimism is way more important than price. Also, How long did that 2017 bull market last? Expect at the worst AT LEAST that amount of time to reverse. Readers of this post are likely Nano investors. Nano is the meat & potatoes of what's the most critically important features of a cryptocurrency. Fast & feeless. We are invested in something great. Have the patience & take this opportunity to learn from the market. Remember, history does not repeat itself but it tends to rhyme.
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