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How it should be?

I’ve been into crypto since about 2011. I’ve had a few experiences and have always kept on top of news. A number of times I’ve cashed out of Bitcoin and been happy with how it helped me buy things I needed for work or at one time a deposit to rent a house. I tend not to care much about how if I’d hodled then I could buy a house for the Bitcoin I’ve owned in the past… what can you do? Nothing 🙃 About a week ago I found out about Nano. Like many projects I didn’t give it much thought at first. There are so many “altcoins”, and these days tokens… it’s hard to know about everything. But as I’ve read more and seen what the community is about I’m really glad to see that Nano reminds me a lot of what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency was about back in the day. WeNano just giving small amounts away. Nanoquakejs giving away Nano for frags (!!). It really reminds me of the community-building culture that Bitcoin was all about 10 years ago. These days you can’t buy small things with Bitcoin because the fees for every transaction are often more than an item would cost - much much more! Bitcoin has become unusable as money and most people into it these days have forgotten that that is what it is meant to be! I’m glad to have found the Nano community and I am glad to be a part of it.
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