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How can we push Robinhood to list NANO?

Now that Robinhood has committed to allowing customers to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies (currently in planning), this would provide an easy way for people to enter the crypto market and move coins to their own wallets. Wouldn't this be a really good time to be pushing for NANO to be listed on Robinhood? Any ideas? [](
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Optimizing Fork Resolution through Proof of Fork

Forks in Nano's protocol can only be caused by malicious actors on their own account. Currently, however, the network overhead caused by fork resolution can affect normal users, as representatives...
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Nano Node now on NOWNodes - ChangeNOW

Great news! $NANO is on board! We are pleased to announce NOWNodes customers can NOW access the fast & feeless digital currency $NANO. From now on, anyone can easily connect to the nano node using...