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How about we act as a proper community?

Everyday I read tons of posts/comments asking for marketing and, even when markeging is being done, I still see tons of posts/comments critisizing the way the marketing is being done. I actually agree with the way the core team is handling the marketing stuff: waiting for some key things to be released before the actual marketing move kicks in - what is the point in bringing new users if we don't have a proper, secure, easy to use wallet for them to store their nanos? Either way, how about instead of just posting/commenting stuff like 'I don't agree with this kind of marketing' 'binance stuff was bad ideia' 'I think you should do the marketing better' 'this way we won't reach anyone', we start giving the core team some solid ideas of how we would like them to do the marketing? I mean, we are nearly at 40k subs here, ain't no one here a marketing experienced professional? Or, even if you don't have a formal experience in marketing, don't you have any idea on how they could improve their marketing? or on how you would like them to conduct that specific market act they did that you didnt aprove that much? I think that, in this 40k ppl that are subbed here, there are maybe some really solid and good ideas on how to conduct the marketing, so, if you have one, how about you write it down here so they could read it and think about your idea instead of keeping it in your mind and just going at every post commenting 'when marketing?'. Lets do our job as community and investors and help them out the way we can. There is nothing better than the whole community acting as one to give easy-world-implementing ideas. TL:DR: how about we start giving the core team some ideas on how to conduct their marketing acts, as a community should do, instead of just complaining and critisizing them without no solid point or constructive critisism?
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