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High on hopium but hear me out.

So many of you saw my post earlier about the Coinbase head of listings liking the tweet saying they should add Nano. Someone else said that the Kappture news and Binance US listing (hopefully) would make now an interesting time for Coinbase to list Nano as it actually has adoption and possible competition in the US markets. I was also thinking that Nano would make an excellent listing to Coinbase now with the launching of the Coinbase wallet. If any of you don’t know about Coinbase wallet it’s like Natrium but better (forgive me). Where each user selects a unique username like Twitter. And if I want to send crypto to my friend I don’t need his wallet address, I just need his Coinbase wallet username. So I can send 3 LTC to @Mark, and the system will automatically sort out the currency I’m sending and deposit it in the proper wallet of the recipient. It’s actually really sick and is going to be huge for crypto adoption. But transferring money still takes time and fees, huge setbacks to convincing people crypto can be a viable payment option. Enter Nano. Imagine them integrating Nano into the Coinbase wallet so @Johnny can pay @Mark and the transaction would be instant and free. That would be a great selling point to show people that crypto is actually a viable payment method. So what do you guys think?
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ShareRing adds Nano!

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ShareRing adds Nano!

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