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NANO · 5d is back! The easy way to give away some NANO to strangers

Due to popular demand, I revived It's a website where you can create redeemable voucher codes in large quantities and deposit the value in one lump sum. Unlike a similar service called NanoMate, there's no email address involved, no captcha, much shorter redeem links, human readable codes, a live preview, no fees, customizable text, auto refunds for unclaimed funds, and you can create multiple vouchers of various amounts at once. There are 3 ways to give away NANO with these vouchers: * Handing out the 9 digit code csbss9734 to enter on * Sending a hyperlink * Printing the voucher on paper Therefore it's compatible with literally any messaging service and all social media, but most of all you can give them away offline. All without the risk of burning funds because the funds are not held on actual paperwallets. The recipient is urged to create a nano wallet on their own. The expiration deadline serves as a motivator to not slack on finances. They will have to learn how to create a wallet and how to paste their address. It's like an invite-only faucet where the payouts are worth more a little more, so it's an actual incentive to look into crypto. By having them create a wallet and give them the experience of receiving funds, they won't ever want to deal with slow crypto. I deliberately chose not to include dollar value anywhere. That might change in the distant future. It's still a proof of concept for now. The service comes under absolutely no warranty. There certainly is a lot of improvement potential. If you want a custom redeem site, i might create one for you. -------------- Links to other, similar services (in action: )
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