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Guide: How to set up a single-node development network to experiment with all 340M fictive Nano from the genesis account

Step 2: Define a principle representative

Before you can send any blocks on the network it needs votes. For that, you can use your single node as the representative. In this simple demo case, you can use the Genesis account as a rep account by simply importing that into your local wallet as an ad-hoc account. For the following RPC commands, you can use curl or any POST method. In windows, I use Postman connected to where 45000 is the default RPC port. The block_count command should report count:1 as the network only contains the genesis block at this point.

Example of Postman command Create a new wallet (note the wallet ID that is returned) {“action”:”wallet_create”}

2. Add the genesis account (replace xxx with the wallet ID). The key is the private key for the dev network genesis account found here.


Your PR is now ready! It should respond with the genesis account.

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