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Guide: How to securely transact using an offline device + Ledger recovery methods

[]( **Ledger Bonus:** [The guide for how to disaster recover a Ledger Nano hardware wallet]( has also been rewritten to cover new wallets and tools. Nano funds locked behind a Ledger Bip39 passphrase can currently be restored to 4 different wallets plus the method linked above. * Mnemonic -> Trust wallet (only 1st account, phrase exposed) * Mnemonic -> Magnum wallet (only 1st account, phrase exposed) * Mnemonic -> Offline Keytools -> Private key in Natrium or Nanovault (any index, key exposed) * Mnemonic -> Offline Keytools -> Off-chain/Offline signing (any index, nothing exposed) Edit: By "exposed" I mean potentially exposed due to the fact it's entered on an online device. Depends on the implementation and how secured the device is from malware. All methods are valid, just different level.
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