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Gift people Nano on their birthday/Christmas!

It’s my friends birthday in a few days, and I’m going to give him some Nano. It helps spread adoption because I can tell him about it, and he’ll have skin the game. 1. Tell them that to receive their present, they just download Natrium (or any other wallet, but I like Natrium) 2. Tell them to keep their seed phrase secret (write it down etc.) — this teaches them about security 3. Tell them to send their address and send them some Nano. Watch them be blown away by how fast/fee-less it is! I think I’m going to do this from now on, and I’d urge you to consider doing the same :) A few of my friends are already into Nano, and we've agreed to transact using Nano from now on. For example, if someone pays the dinner bill, we’ll send the person the $$$ amount in Nano. We all have high conviction in Nano, so the volatility doesn’t bother us.
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