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George Coxon in the Zage Blockchain Report - Short Version

If you don't have time for [255 pages](, this is a cut from the George Coxon part. **BIO** George Coxon is Chief Operating Officer at Nano Foundation. Her studies in Evolutionary Anthropology and background in the financial world have enhanced her fascination in social behaviours and what makes people tick, a foundation for understanding consumer lifestyles and brand-use. These in addition to singular working experiences have enabled George to develop a transferable skill set while immersing herself in unknown environments and handling multiple projects. George combines positivity, energy, and pragmatism with a little bit of mischief. ​ **Do you have any examples of blockchain technology currently in use? If so, what are they?** Adoption of blockchain technology is undeniably still in an embryonic stage, and the vast majority of examples of real-world use are a relatively low level when considering the massive future potential. It is nonetheless an exciting time, seeing projects popping up daily, each finding unique applications for the technology. Nano, for example, has an extremely dedicated and passionate community that has created a range of excellent tools to allow users to start using cryptocurrency on the most popular platforms in the world. ​ **What do you think it will take for blockchain technology to hit a tipping point where people are actually using it in day-today life?** There are many driving forces across a diverse range of potential applications of blockchain technology, so it is difficult to identify a specific ‘tipping point’. But when thinking in broad terms, education and awareness are at the leading edge of the push for wider adoption of blockchain technology. ​ **What do you think are the biggest opportunities for blockchain technology in the next 5 years? Which industries are most likely to p...
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