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Gaining adoption as a day to day currency. Would BitPay integration be possible?

Since the goal is for nano to eventually become a viable currency, obviously it needs to be easy to transact with nano in a fiat world. It seems the main things that need to be easy are: 1. Buying nano (using a credit card on your phone). Buying on exchanges is hard for most people. 2. Storing nano. Nano already has nice wallets, so this is taken care of 3. Accepting nano for payments 4. Actually having something to buy with nano I know there are various solutions to some of these issues, but I think BitPay integration would be a huge win. With BitPay wallet, you can buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card. Businesses can accept payments with any of their supported cryptocurrencies and settle in whatever currency they like. The other nice thing they offer is the ability to buy store credit (gift cards) at around 100 different stores (including amazon, hope depot, etc), so even though there are not a lot of stores that accept nano directly, users can still spend their nano. They currently support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP and ETH. I think nano is a better currency than any of these. From their website: "We review the technical specifications of any cryptocurrency we are considering. Specifically, we look at how well the digital asset functions technically as a payment method for ecommerce, cross border, and p2p transactions, and the quality of the technical documentation. We also measure how well it performs related to payment speed, processing, settlement, over/under payments, and partial payments." It seems that nano would be a no brainer. The only hiccup is that they also say they're looking primarily at cryptocurrencies with over one billion in market cap, and nano is only halfway there as of this post. Does anyone know if anyone has reached out from the Nano Foundation about integration? Would this be worthwhile? If we can't get integrated, maybe some of these ideas could be implemented independently. Is there anything stopping the N...
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