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During these times we cant let us become devoid of critical thought or assume we have made it. Here are some things we still need as a network.

The recent valuation moon has been a delight to people like myself who have been holding for over three years. However, Nano is still far off from becoming a global currency and there are things we can do to address that. * Get more fiat listings whether * Delegate you holdings to a principal rep and raise our Nakamoto coefficient * Take a small percentage of your stack value and put that to hosting your own rep. * Understand the Nano protocol * Donate to dev funds whether the NF or another group * Tell your friends and family about the tech * Translate the white paper to other languages * More Whether you are brand new to Nano or a seasoned vet and regardless of your skills anyone can contribute to the network and make this work for everyone. We can't let Nano become like BTC where it only benefits the miners and wealthy. Instead we need to focus on using Nano to help the global poor, unbanked, victims of hyper inflation, ect
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