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Dont dismiss defi/smart contracts

I find it funny that there are so many people here who are dismissing the importance of defi/smart contracts. They must be living under a rock. Ever heard of uniswap? Its a decentralized exchange using smart contracts. Its not gonna disappear. Its a huge ecosystem for eth and erc 20 coins. It will be bigger than binance probably when eth 2 is completed. Now try to imagine if theres a uniswap version for nano and its erc 20 coins. This nanoswap would make uniswap obsolete because trading fees would be so much cheaper. Once nano reaches a point where its commercial grade, the dev should fork nano and try to add smart contracts/nanoswap. If the new coin fails, we still have nano. If it suceeds, we have two incredible coins. Edit: iota is feeless and has smart contracts. If its transaction speed is within 5 sec and can drop its centralization, it would make both eth and nano obsolete. I currently dont hold iota, but i can see this happen.
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