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Doing my best to market nano. What is the app or service I can use to send a SMS nano tip?

A friend just asked me about where to purchase nano after I briefly explained its tech and showed him the price change in the last 2 days. Needless to say, he’s interested and wants to invest. I thought what better way to get him on board while also showing him a cool use case then to send him some nano free through text? I recall an app or service recently built that did this. Can anyone help refresh my memory?
Go to self.nanocurrency
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In Brazil The Future Is Now

$nano in real world.People buying a meal🥙 paying with $nano.Fast, feeless.🎯Adoption is real.🚀City of Lages, south of Brazil.— Alquimista (@CryptoBrazuca) January 16, 2021...
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I wonder how we could fix this problem

Bitcoin mining has allowed Tehran to circumvent some U.S. sanctions. But the country is now being hit by regular power outages and smog linked to the energy-sucking cryptocurrency operations.