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Does a Nano privacy solution exists?

I really love Nano, but a huge issue it has is the privacy one: I don't feel comfortable to pay in a shop or send money to friends using Nano, because they'll see all the amount of Nano I own. *(edit for clarification: my concern is not the wallet balance shown on my smartphone, but the fact that who receive the transaction can search my address on a block explorer, and see all my transactions and the balance).* I see on GitHub there's a [proof-of-concept of a Nano wallet with privacy feature](, it basically use a disposable address every time you want to receive a transaction, making it similiar to what Bitcoin wallets usually do. Unfortunately, the app seems not working (I guess their server is not longer online), and I didn't find any alternative wallet. Why are a feature like this is not implemented in Natrium or Nault? Why people seems don't care about it?
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