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Do you think fairness is important?

Now i think we must stress to others in crypto space and beyond not only that nano has a great user experience being feeles and instant and green. But one of the best features in my oppinion is fairness. Nano is not rigged in favour of early adopters. Most of the pos now work on this principle of creating revenue stream for the stakers (basically share holders the way eth 2.0 will work or eos or other pos are). Pow is more fair because is competitive but the cost is enormous and also makes it unscalable/or with limited scalability. It is robust but in the end the waste of resources it just don't makes sense. The faucet made also a big contribution to fairness by erasing the centralisation of ownership which is a big issue in projects like ripple and stellar which are direct competitors to nano. Centralised ownership is a big regulatory risk and a big risk for every investor/participant. Again we have to thank to Colin Lemahieu for puting selfish monetary interest aside when he created nano. Nano is designed by Colin for one purpose only: Fast and feeless transactions for everyone at global scale. No bullshit. No hidden agenda. Yes it was brutal for nano to survive the crypto winter having no economic incentive to still go on and still many of the dedicated devs in the community worked relentless to create applications on top of nano. Nano is ready to moon.
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