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Discussion: where do we really need fast and feeless crypto transactions over bitcoin transactions?

Really want to hear you unbiased honest opinions. I hope to hear some applications that are more narrow then wide, because it is very hard to get a wide audience to adopt something. Some niche applications where the need for something like Nano is really high. Some applications where I think we do not need Nano over Bitcoin: 1. For international money transfers we do not need to be that fast, even several hours are ok. 2. For online purchases we almost never have a need to be super fast. 3. Nether for just a store of value, obviously (so the argument that countries with high inflation should use Nano does not work, they can use Bitcoin) 4. At stores we do need fast and feeless transactions, but we are so far away from the time when stores massively start to accept crypto, that is irrelevant now. A lot of adoption need to happed, a lot of legislation needs to be passed, a lot of new technology needs to be created for store owners to move from cash and credit cards. Where we do need Nano over bitcoin: 1. Gaming. 2. Tipping live streaming content creators. 3. ...
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