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Discussion: a BTC main's opinion on Crypto right now

Hey guys, so I was curious and asked about crypto and NANO in another sub, hoping for discusdion and insights to find. Someone posted a pretty nice summary of their opinion, something which we can all learn from regarding crypto sentiment and to have a constrictive discussion about. So here it is: "So my view on that is I'm really excited about alternative use-cases, especially smart contracts and decentralized computing... but in my opinion they just don't have the track record yet to be confident that they can replace traditional markets. Ethereum, for example, hasn't shown that it can supplant traditional computing. The fees are too high, the level of decentralization is in doubt, and as far as I can tell they're not doing anything better than a centralized network could do. The most promising use case for ETH right now seems to be NFTs, which is really just another form of digital scarcity similar to bitcoin. By contrast, Bitcoin's use case is very simple and straightforward, and it has a 12 year track record of robustness demonstrating its ability to fulfill that use case. With other coins like NANO, the honest answer from me is that I just don't have the expertise to judge the credibility of their design. Bitcoin is simple enough to understand, has lots of learning resources, and has demonstrated itself over 12 years. Maybe another alt-coin is better designed, but I just don't know. And even if the technology of another coin is better, Bitcoin's first mover advantage and network effect probably makes bitcoin-based solutions like LN more likely to succeed than any alt-coin. Just my two cents on that" What do you think, how can we address these points? What lays in the future for us and how can we, or crypto itself, change this attitude?
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