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Dev team moving buzz words from INSTANT to FAST? Will no longer say FEELESS! Is this true?

I keep hearing that the dev team is going to change the buzzwords around Nano, from INSTANT to FAST and no longer use FEELESS! I really hope this is not going to happen. That would be a massive misstep, surely the team are not that naive? Are they worried about pedants? By definition nothing is INSTANT in this world, but the word is still used! Nano is FEELESS, POW does not equate to a fee. Switching my phone on uses up energy! Nano team please stand up for Nano!! These are marketing words and not using them will only be to the coins demise. I posted about this before and it was taken down quickly. Whats going on? This should be debated outside the team let us know why? it makes absolutely no sense to me. Stop trying to be nice guys!! :) DONT FEED THE FUD!!!
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