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Daily General Discussion

**Welcome!** This daily post is meant for things which are relevant but do not justify their own post. For example, debates, issues, simple questions, memes or suggested services/ companies/ cryptocurrencies/ etc. We normally recommend using our [Discord server]( for a more effective chat and quicker answers but using this post is fine if you don't have/want Discord. It's common that users have the same questions. So please, before making a new thread, read the FAQs and search for similar questions. You will often find a comprehensive answer to your question has already been given! Please also check the official nano forum linked below. Quick links * [Nano Main Site]( * [Support & Discussion forum]( * [Detailed documentation and protocol guide]( * [Frequently Asked Questions]( * [NanoTrade Discord (trading/price/speculation)]( * More quick links at the top and sidebar Rules: * Be respectful of one another. Follow the golden rule of friendliness. * No trolling or shilling. * No begging, bragging or illegal activities. * Take responsibility and always keep a backup of your Nano seed in case you own any!
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