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Daily General Discussion - August 4, 2018

#####Welcome! As Nano is quite a bit different than other coins/blockchains, it's normal that a lot of users have (the same) questions. So please, before making a new thread, read the FAQs and **use the search bar**! Threads that are created which contain a question to which an answer is available in the FAQs, will be removed. ###Quick links The "I just started with Nano"-FAQ is now moved to: The FAQ about XRB itself:   Daily discussion in the comments! [/r/nanotrade]( for all price and trading related posts   ***Guidelines for posting in this thread:***   Questions, debates, meta issues, etc are all welcome. Breaking news should be posted separately from this thread. Rules:   Be respectful to one another. Follow the golden rule. No trolling or shilling.   ***Guidelines for posting new threads:***   Is your thread something that does not fit in the daily thread or in another 'general' thread? Do you have a question, and it's not in the list below? Do you have exciting news to post? Did you use the search bar first? Good, go ahead :-)
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Dynamic POW not working as expected?

$NANO had a spam attack, where <50 Blocks were confirmed per second. As it takes 2 Blocks per TX, this puts Nano at <25 TPS :/A transaction with 5x difficulty took ~8 minutes when NanoCrawler ha...