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Crypto Charity: one year birthday party fed 123 kids

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Dear beloved community,

it’s hard to grasp… time is running so fast, project is active more than ever and you, our beloved community are still firing our actions with your donations and lovely words. AND THIS ALREADY FOR ONE FULL YEAR!!

You’re right! Our cryptocurrency based aid project becomes 1 year of a great success. Let’s have a short look into the past and remember, how things escalated so quickly :-) On 08.20.2019 I met Simón from Caracas/Venezuela in Discord. A young, funny and ambitious man. At this point a total stranger to me. We started talking ,and I was presenting him my idea of sending him funds via NANO. My idea was just to find a person I can trust and who needs help, to cope with daily situations in Venezuela. At this time I didn’t know much about Venezuela and didn’t know much about hyperinflation, but I knew, that bad things happens there and that the other parts of the world can’t look away! Especially the “rich” European countries and North America. I was keen in finding a family I could support with some money every now and then. Of course by sending funds with the help of a completely new technology — Cryptocurrency with NANO (and later BANANO) as a cross boarder payment system. Just a thing between Simón and me — no greedy intermediary (cross boarder payment services with high fees), no government who could dislike our interactions and no other hurdle as well. All of this shipped smoothly around the world in no time by using crypto without “loosing” any funds the way from my pocket to Simón’s. Very soon Simón and me became friends, and we were excited discovering the abilities this technology brought mankind. From this day on our friendship was forming and as well a big idea — starting the project “Adopt a Family” as a showcase for the rest of the world, that you don’t need to know each other in person, you don’t have to speak the other’s langu...

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