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Community Request: Help Venezuela & Network Stress Test together

Hi, I wanted to ask, what are people's ideas and opinions on the following and should we go ahead with this? **TL;DR We raise $12,500 as a community, request if Devs can match it. With $25,000, we open the original Raiblocks faucet for 24 hours paying out 0.01, aimed at Venezuela. That will lead to 2,500,000 transactions. All the techies/node holders etc on the same day, run scripts and do further stress testing on live network.** **Why and When: Current situation in Venezuela, how Crypto can help them and prompt adoption, $2-4 is thier MONTHLY wage. They can earn $1.8 per HOUR. Lead to boost in marketing. Bitcoin Cash is doing thier stress testing on 1st September, we can use thier marketing and awareness they've built and show how Nano did more than BCH, is faster, had zero fees cost and helped real life people and the real life Venezuela situation** - **Summary and background** Given the current Venezuelan crisis, and how crypto can have a positive impact on people living there, with some peoples monthly wages are around $2-$4. As a community and for crypto adoption, how do we move forward in order to make a real difference and generate awareness? - While, there were previous talks about a community stress tests for our network, this did not happen due to other events. However Bitcoin Cash, are planning to do a community stress test on the 1st September, and when they do this, there will be big news on their achievement. - **My idea/proposal** As we have a fantastic opportunity and a chance to gain significant marketing and awareness, if we can do a community stress test on the same day and help people in Venezuela. This will be a massive boost in marketing and awareness of NANO, and when we beat BitcoinCash at the same day, and can help real life people and promote adoption. We can effectively, use all their marketing and build up and on the same day, when the news and stories come out, we would be on top. In effect the old saying of ...
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