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Community projects and achieving something together.

I wanted to give you guys an example how great this community can be.Me personally, I am not very adept at organizing and asserting myself nor do I have a ton of time on my hands but I still made a post a few month ago reiterating this idea, that I read somewhere in this sub: A video of people sending 1 Nano around the world, showcasing the fast and feeless nature of the nano network as well as our global community in a neat way. The only thing I did was make a [reddit thread]( with a condensed vision, create a discord server and share the invite link a couple times.I ended up only participating in the first run and let the project run its course as I saw /u/LukasNDa and later also /u/bryanwag did such a great job taking over with video editing, leading and coordinating everyone. Huge thank you to them. So my point is, this community can come together and achieve great things. Even if you might not see yourself as the one that can organize everything, if you present a good idea well enough, it might light a spark in others that have the will to actually push through with it. Nano around the globe is making new footage as we speak, with proper guidelines on video and tight coordination in order to provide the best footage possible! I can't wait to see the end result when it is ready but from what I have seen so far, it will be glorious! So don't be afraid to share your ideas and discuss them on here. The nano community never ceases to amaze me.
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