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Coming in from the cold...

Like many in this sub I have been around for a few years and have had to suffer the perplexing, seemingly arbitrary, irrational nature of the crypto market. Lots of smoke and mirrors and a definite move away from solving the worlds problems and more towards making a fuck ton of money. I must be up front and admit that my holdings (100% NANO for over 2 years now) are an investment and part of a long term plan but the thing that really caught my interest with regard to cryptocurrency in general and originally Bitcoin was the idea of removing the power of existing financial institutions from peer to peer transactions/value transfer. Once upon a time most FIAT currency was worth something in the sense that it was backed by actual commodities. These days the Federal Reserve, Bank of England and European Central Bank (I speak only of what I have knowledge) resemble cartels favouring the interest of the filthy rich rather than being utilities for serving their general populations. They are "owned" or controlled by specific groups with their own interests at heart (see 2008 financial crisis and the aftermath or look up disaster capitalism), I truly believe they don't give a fuck about little old me. In my view (and this is where I'm a bit of a hypocrite cos I'm ultimately in it for my own financial gain!), the world is pretty fucked and at the heart of it is money and the financial institutions that control and maintain it. What's more, from a practical standpoint, I'm fed up of paying for the privilege of using and spending my money. I'm not against taxation per se (that's for a whole other conversation) but paying my bank to move money around, on top of the fact that they earn off my money being in there and not to mention the exorbitant penalties should I stray into the red, this really gets my goat. There are lots of projects out there but far too many serve the same or similar purposes to the original problem - to make somebody else money. Because Nano was given aw...
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