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Closing my Nano Tools site.

My Nano Tools page which had the following tools is no more: * **Create transaction blocks and sign them offline with** [**Nano Block Builder**]( * **Create accounts offline with** [**Nano Account Creator**]( * **Send (encrypted or unencrypted) messages to Nano account holders with** [**Nano Tweet**]( * **Create a joint (shared) Nano account** [**Nano Shared Secret Key or Seed**]( * **Create a multi-signature account with** [**MuNano Multisig**]( Requested donations to support a $5/month server. Total donations: 1 NANO. No bounty, reward or even acknowledgment from []( Working for another coin now. Well rewarded.
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NANO -7.18% · · 13h

An Epoch Block Explainer

Since all accounts on the Nano network are asynchronous, we need an asynchronous form of chain upgrades. Unlike Bitcoin, we’re not able to say “upgrade at block X,” so as a solution, the team…