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Best time to buy is now. Here’s why

Hello everyone whose been here knows how Nanos price trend has been sitting from 4-6 for quite some time now. We’ve jumped to 12-14 on Binance alone in a day and $99 on huobi. This was a few days ago. The market is showing more eyes are seeing nano here’s why. People are looking at all the coins and seeing a sea of red. Except a few coins. With Nano being the top gainer of today. Interest is sparking and now people are looking up what this coin is. Why is it fast why is it feeless. What they’ll find is a great community growing very rapidly not an empty shell. Which you’d think it would be for a coin so far down on the top 100 coins list. I’ve been in crypto for awhile now pre 2015. These coins go flying in a matter of minutes not days hours or months. If your not in get in and HODL unless you know what your doing. Reselling your stack to rebuy in at a lower price may not be possible once we go flying. Don’t forget this is a low cap coin compared to the top 10 coins. So we can bounce right up there really fast. Doge has over 30 billion market cap were under 1.5 billion. Do you think nano is better than a meme coin. Yes no one can deposit to sell I get that. But that doesn’t change the fact. That eyes are seeing us climb the top 100. Especially in a sea of blood. V22 is on the way and more and more people are coming. What they’ll find out is this coin is the real deal -We are Nano This is my opinion not financial advice. I’ve bought neo when it was early and eth at 11 dollars and I still find this coin better than all of them.
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