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Any interest in a Nendly faucet that sends you nano for posting?

Work continues on [Nendly]( We've got new features, [new videos](, and a confirmed case of someone adopting nano who had never used crypto prior. However, we need new users, so I'm trying to come up with ways of growing our community. What if we did this? Since we've already got normal nano faucets and my [Onion Faucet](, I could replace the [TetraLoom]( faucet with one that analyzes posts and sends tiny amounts of nano based on the quality of the ensuing discussion. Donations to the faucet would be different from those to the rest of the site, since it would go toward this process. This would of course hook into the current system wherein you get a helpful message explaining nano if you haven't entered an address. So instead of grinding captcha images for nano, you could just use social media as you normally would and get payouts here and there. So far users have been tipping good posts anyways and people have received little bits of nano, but perhaps this would attract additional interest. What do you think? Is this a good idea? Would this make you personally more likely to make posts or cross-post content from your other social media to Nendly?
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