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Announcing the 2020 Nanolympics: The Shill Games

The 2020 Nanolympics: The Shill Games

Welcome to the Nanolympics 2020 Summer Games — an event solely dedicated to expanding the presence and awareness of arguably the most efficient money ever created: Nano.

Learn more about Nano at and follow NanOlympics on Twitter for future updates and announcements.

Disclaimer: This event has no connection or endorsement from the Nano Foundation. This is a 100% community-driven event.

What is this?The Nanolympics is a series of competitions focused on getting the ideas of Nano into mainstream consciousness. There will be several events which individuals or groups can participate in to spread the Nano word and win some Nano prizes.

The competition will take place over a number of months. Each event will have a target demographic (e.g. Twitter, Tik-Tok, the General Public) where the competitors will attempt to achieve specific metrics like total number of views, large target audiences, or capturing the attention of significant individuals of notoriety both inside and outside the “crypto-bubble”.

Prizes Currently this is entirely funded by me — a pseudonymous Nano fan. Prize payouts may increase, but never decrease. I will not request funding from any participants, so please do not respond to any requests from myself or anyone posing as me— any donations are welcome but not necessary. If you want to help contribute to the prize pool, or have an idea of your own feel free to reach out directly on my twitter or email

JudgingTimeline: Now through September 22nd (end of Summer) — I may extend it if it really starts gaining traction, but will certainly end it before end of 2020.

Each event will have a separate NanOlympics post on Twitter you can submit to. Maybe eventually I’ll setup a website for submissions — I’m open to suggestions.

Currently I am the sole judge. I may reach out to others in the community to help. This is entirely subjective and I reserve th...

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