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[Announcement] NanoMemo - Cryptographically secure memos for every Nano block

Announcing a new website and service from SomeNano … NanoMemo!

What is NanoMemo?

Let’s start by answering, what is Nano? Nano is a secure/decentralized, fast, and feeless cryptocurrency. It is digital cash in, arguably, its most efficient form. Nano prides itself in doing one thing and one thing well, fast/feeless/secure peer-to-peer transfer of value. In order to do value transfer well, the Nano protocol must be extremely efficient. This means that the data contained in a Nano Block is kept minimal.

And to that point, a freetext memo field (a descriptor of why the Block was created) does not exist.

NanoMemo looks to fill people/service’s desire for a freetext memo field attached to a Nano Block. NanoMemo allows anyone that creates a Nano Block (makes a transaction with Nano) to write a memo and digitally sign it so that anyone can prove that the entity that created the Nano Block also wrote the memo. Additionally, NanoMemo offers a private memo option that encrypts a memo so that only a specified Nano Account can decrypt and read the memo’s message.

Recent memos from How do I read a memo?

To read a memo for a specific Nano Block, all you need to know is the Nano Block’s hash. This is a unique identifier for each Nano Block on the Nano Network. Once you have the hash, simply enter it into the search box at the top of and hit enter.

If a memo has been written for that block, you will see the message. If the memo has been encrypted, you will see ciphertext and have the option to enter your private key to decrypt the message if you were the intended recipient.

If no memo has been written, you will only see the details of the Nano Block. If the Nano Block is yours, there will be a link to write and save a memo for that Nano Block.

Example Memos


If you are a developer, you can request memos through the API. Three options:

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