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Anano - anonymous nano

##Introducing Anano ^^^^ Instant, feeless and anonymous payments. Although the App is in early stages I thought it would be nice to make the community aware and get an opinion on what me and the team are currently developing ; Our app uses a simple tumbler style methord to move your nano from your wallet to any address you choose Nano is perfect for this as nano can be sent through 100s of addresses without really impacting the amount of time it takes the nano to arrive at the destination. We are currently working on code that will actualy split the nano into smaller amounts as it passes through the accounts - This makes it so there is even less chance of the nano being traced back to the orignial account. Please keep an eye out for any futher updates, I will also be setting up a discord shortly for discussions. RoadMap; Pre-alpha : Complete internal testing and release code to public. Alpha: Alpha release for select few Android / Linux (signup page will be provided) ##If you want to buy us a coffee to keep us going : ##xrb_3btawxiifj8ar8mbfybo669n77yc8meye1ji4h83c15g1zfyu6e77onj1o3t
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