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An idea for private transactions that won't ban nano

The best way to add privacy on nano, is to not add privacy on nano... Hear me out... So, let me know if this is at all possible or not... What if we had another cryptocurrency that has its value pegged to nano, just list wbtc on Ethereum. This alternative pegged cloned nano will be almost identical to nano but has native anonymous privacy transactions built in. This way, exchanges could ban this "anano™" and not effect the actual nano coin, it would also mean privacy is optional and wouldn't effect anything on the main community development, sort of like banano. On top of this, make it so anano can be swapable for normal nano, free and instantly, they both will require their own wallets and private keys of course. Maby even have it so inside of a normal nano wallet there is an option to "send with anon" which swaps your normal nano, sends it, then converts it back to normal nano for the recipient. You can even make it so that every nano users has a optional anon wallet address. I might not know what I'm saying but I was thinking about this and I really think if it's possible that this would be the best way to allow privacy to on nano.
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