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All The Benefits of Nano Summarized

Zero Fees - Nano is Infinitely cheaper to transact with than any fee based system. Divide by ZERO and your calculator breaks. This makes it infinitely more valuable as a currency. This makes it great for microtransactions and tipping. Instant Payments - Transactions typically happen faster than you can send a text message. Decentralized - There is No incentive towards centralization. There is no reason to need to try to form mining guilds or staking pools for block rewards (which those are actually hidden fees). Scalable - Transactions per second scales with technology advancement. No real limit. Divisible - 30 decimal places. Even just 1 Nano in circulation is divisible enough to supply everyone in the world. Coin Cap - 133 Million Max Supply Fully Distributed - No more Nano are entering circulation. Fair Initial Distribution - Nano was given away by solving captchas reaching all over the world including a lot of interest in many poor countries. Energy Efficient - Nano uses very little electricity, saving natural resources. Awesome Reddit Community and Reddit Tips - You can tip people on Reddit with Nano! I am probably missing some other benefits so comment below if I forgot anything and enjoy your Nano!
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