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A new powerful Nano node in the network

Hello everyone! After discovering Nano in 2018 and purchasing my first Nanos in 2020 I decided to set up the yve NANO node. IRL I work as an IT specialist for system integration, so I run several servers anyway. From now on, one of my servers will support the network, so I can do my part in helping the decentralization of the network! Besides that I'm also working on several projects, which eventually will become real businesses after further progress in the development. I also plan to integrate Nano into these projects, which fits perfectly with running this node. So if you want to help the decentralization and want to delegate voting weight to the yve NANO node, so it will eventually gain enough voting weight to vote, you can set your custom representative to: >nano\_1bbpmnm69yireu5ehmkt1mi43dnkcfhaam6jsbmwqmgqh1q1mftpdd6c68ew You can also see the live stats of the node at []( **Some facts about the node:** * Will get verified at my nano ninja, as soon as it has enough voting power to vote ([Done]( * Runs with 10 CPU cores and 48GB RAM * Has...ehm..enough bandwidth * Will be maintained well and always get updated as soon as a new node version comes out Hope this helps the network and the decentralization! Have a good day! Edit: Thank you for all the kind comments! The Nano community is awesome!
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