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A currency with capped supply is more important than you think.

Most of us here, likes the fact that Nano is already at the max supply of 133,248,290, because 0% inflation means that the value of each Nano only change because of demand, but it is more important than you think, lets use a currency that had a limited supply, and now does not have, the US dollar. Until 1971, you could exchange 1 oz of gold to $35, but then Richard Nixon annouced that the gold standard would not be used anymore, transforming the US dollar in a fiat currency, [here is what happened:]( Until 1971, the productivity and compesation of workers were growing together, but after 1971, the productivity continued to grow, but the compesation of workers stagned, and because of inflation, the purschasing power of workers reduced. The real GDP per capita and workers compesation were growing together, after 1971, the real GDP per capita continued to grow, despite the compesation of workers stagnating. The income of the bottom 90% were growing very fast, while the income of the top 1% were growing slowly, after 1971, the oposite started to happen, the income of the bottom 90% stagnated and even decreased, while the income of the top 1% have skyrocketed. In 1971, the income concentration reached a bottom, the top 1% only had 10% of the income, after 1971, the income concentration increased, today the top 1% have 20% of the income. Until 1971, the wage difference between black and white people were decreasing very fast, after 1971 the wage difference between black and withe people had slow or no progress. Why this happened? Because of the Cantillon Effect, who receive the new printed money first, have advantage over who receive the new printed money later, that is inflation, stealing wealth from people to give to another people, governments does not print money to stimulate the economy, they just want to make themselves and their friends richer, at the cost of poor people. Who is closer to the new printed money? the top 1% and...
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