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29% vote weight for binance

Today i checked the [nanochart]( cause i was in an argument about how much safer the nano network is compared to BTC with bticoin havin 4 mining pools controling over 50% of the hashrate Wanted to source it to show the much better positioned nano nodes only ot see that binance suddenly has 29% voting weight... some weeks ago they had like 5% and the biggest node was Digitalinvestment which is now completley gone.. ​ Does anybody know what is going on? ​ For me it looks like Digital investment moved all their voting weight to Binance during the last days. ​ I mean im not concerned abotu the safety of the network jet, so as you need 66% voting weight we are still good in that acc. But it is still a bit concerning for me to see. ​ ​ edit.: as it turns out it was always Binance voting weight and they just before delegated it to DigitalInvestment and now have it on their own node. TAKE YOUR NANO OF THE EXCHANGE AND ESPECIALY OF BINANCE AND CHOOSE YOUR REP With no other crypto currency it is as important to keep it in your own wallet to keep the network secure
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