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2 simple reasons why Nano is still crashing

1. The coin is still up x10 since November (therefore people are still taking profits) 2. People got thousands of coins for free and for 0 work (therefore people are still taking profits) It's as simple as that. It's a speculative market where it's all about the money. This is not a FUD post. This post is an explanation from someone who thinks he understands this market and is an answer to all of the "what's happening?!" and "why the price keep crashing if the tech so good" posts.
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NANO -2.60% · · 20h

An Epoch Block Explainer

Since all accounts on the Nano network are asynchronous, we need an asynchronous form of chain upgrades. Unlike Bitcoin, we’re not able to say “upgrade at block X,” so as a solution, the team…