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+15y experience web designer looking to contribute in Nano projects

Hey everyone. I am new to this community and fairly new to Nano. I have been holding cryptos since 2017 recently switched all my portfolio to eco friendly altcoins. I did not feel too happy making a bit of money while contributing to the damage Bitcoin and other coins are doing for our environment. Recently, I took all my profits from Dogecoin, ETH and BTC and moved 80% of my portfolio to Nano. Why didn't I know about this coin earlier! Anyway, I have been looking for a project to spend my spare time and experience on and I think Nano is an awesome fit. I have been making websites since I was 16, for 17 years now. I am fluent in HTML5, CSS3/4, SCSS, WordPress, Gulp and other front-end technologies. I am also very experienced with Photoshop and most recently Figma. Do you know any Nano project I could contribute to and help spread the word? Or help create another good use case for Nano? Looking to help this coin reach the masses and the potential I think it has. Have a great day!
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