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#1 issue with nano

Accessibility is the #1 issue with nano. It needs to be ridiculously easier for the everyday person to buy the currency if it's going to take off. I'm a random person living in the United States that's interested in buying nano. For several days now, I've gone through hoops with binance and []( to get authorized, so that I can buy the damn coin. For frame of reference, if I'm having issues being able to buy the freaking coin, others certainly are too. I know, I know, there's probably some platform where it's pretty easy to do so. But if you want this coin to be the commoners coin, where grandma's cookie shop and every day joe are doing their day to day transactions using nano, it has to be way easier to access. I should be able to buy it without any hiccups or frustrations. This needs to be solved. Food for thought.
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