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"Thanks to our funders" section added to footer

(This post is more aimed at the geek demographic; if you find it boring or pointless, you're probably not in the target demographic.) So I decided that it's long overdue for to thank our excellent funders more prominently. However, the obvious question arises: in what order do we thank them? Trying to decide which of our funders deserves to be listed first would yield political strife and probably make someone unhappy. So I decided that random ordering would be a preferable option. However, random ordering typically requires JavaScript. Which is a no-go for a privacy-focused site like, which has a lot of users who keep JS disabled. So, what to do? is built with Jekyll. So I added some code to the Namecoin Jekyll template that creates an array of all 5 of our funders, and then draws a random sample (of sample size 5) of that array. Thus achieving a shuffle-like operation. Then I just iterate through the sample array, and voila, a randomized funder list that doesn't need JS. The list gets re-randomized every time the website is rebuilt in Jekyll (i.e. every time we add a news post), and the randomization is independent for each page on the site. You can check it out yourself by scrolling down the the bottom of , where you'll see our funder list. Then try visiting some other pages on the site and look at the bottom of those, and you'll note that the ordering is different for each page. Kind of cool, no?
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